Read Alison Goodman’s blogs and other content on the Penguin Community. Getting a straight answer out of Natalie is impossible, and only Moose knows his own culpability in the episode: For a classroom, we could take this idea and have students find a point in history that they are really interested in or a historic location. The Weight of Ink After a fire starts in the Flanagan’s apartment, Natalie is blamed, and Moose bands with the other kids to track down the possible arsonist.

Caconi, the lady who knocks on your door if the phone is for you. This series will get your kid to put down the controller and pick up a book. I batter the window with the table, pummel it as hard as I can and then a splintering snap and the glass shatters around me, leaving a jagged sharp-sided hole. Every second of it. Since she weighs more than a river barge, and there are a lot of steps in 64 building, this is impressive. Donny is tall, thin, and graceful as a girl—the opposite of his mother—and he dresses snappy like he has loads of girlfriends. Not close enough for him to notice.

Oct 30, Kyle Black rated it it was amazing.

Al Capone Does My Homework (Tales from Alcatraz Series #3)

So I would be a lot nicer to me if I were you. Jan 16, D. Could the convicts be angling to leverage the kids as part of an escape plot? I read the neat printing.

She never says hello or how are you. She has to learn this. Why are a suspicious-looking trio of convicts putting secret notes in a waterspout, notes that make no sense to Moose when he intercepts them?

Caconi, the lady who knocks on your door if the phone is for you. Despite being “the roughest hard-time prison in America,” by the end of al capone does my homework by gennifer choldenko winning series, it’s also a place Moose comes to proudly call home. Even my eighth-grade history teacher made me write on the chalkboard I do not live on Alcatraz two hundred times.

Starting off, Moose’s dad is now the assistant warden, which means big changes for Moose and his family. Are Moose or his friends in peril of their lives?

Penguin Young Readers Group Publication date: The mystery this time is a fire that burns out the main character’s apartment after his dad is made assistant warden.

The Final Chapter Tales of. Nov 28, Josiah rated it it was ok.

Summary and reviews of Al Capone Does My Homework by Gennifer Choldenko

I loved this book, I love pretty much any book about Alcatraz and Capone. I follow him outside.

I retreat back across the line as fast as my shaky legs will take me. There were a lot of stories happening within the story too which added to the confusion. How is being a warden any different than being a guard? They try various tricks to investigate.

The Al Capone business is very minor in this one compared to the previous two books. Did Natalie start the fire after he nodded off? Then she goes back to work on the light switch.

I don’t want to wait for the next one to come out!! Published 2 months ago.

Al Capone Does My Homework

The setting was historic and a place that many people know about, so that drives the story. No one ever believes I live on Alcatraz. Join Terry Treetop for another adventure. The villain I didn’t like them from the first and suspected that everything was connected.

But I am 65 and love them. She could be you. See all 99 reviews.