A bite report was filled out because it broke the skin, but all you will find is the year with pit bull written next to it. Out of all the dogs on the island the pit bulls are the trouble makers. Pit Bulls have been vilified in the media for many years. I had one lunge at my throat once and barely escaped its grasp. Present to your audience.

The same is true for the myths about their brains swelling and the power of their bite. They would both rather give you their underbelly than hurt you at all. It is simply not true. So your saying the owner of the animal should be legally responsible and charged for assault with a deadly weapon if the dog attacks another human or animal? They should be banned. A prime example involved the French woman who was attacked by her pet Labrador while she slept.

Every dog has a vicious side if pushed just like every human.

I was just stating my opinion. Breaking down these statistics illustrates that a US citizen dies every three weeks due to a pit bull attack.

Sweet, calm, great with kids and other animals, was so smart, basically a giant lap dog. There dangerous dogs and should pitbulls be banned essay be banned. Almost everyone agrees that summer is the best time for traveling, especially considering the summer break from school.

Some people that leave these negative comments on here are really dumb and i could almost bet that they havent even owned a pitbull ever. Not only are pets viciously attacked by pit bulls on a daily basis, but also human beings are also often attacked by pit bulls.

Not many people should pitbulls be banned essay pit bulls because they are so aggressive. All countries welcome new visitors and are. Many people when arguing against pit bulls, do not know what breed they are trying to ban in the first place.

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Madison Corkrean Posted at They know who is supposed to be on your property and who is not. The most famous of these was for RCA Victrola.

Nowadays, Goldens and Labs often hold that spot above pitties. They were brought to America by settlers. Should pitbulls be banned essay tend to do that to make pitbulls mean just say they can say they have a mean pitbull its not the dogs its the owners pitbulls are the same as any other dogs Teeya.

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The media was only interested when the dog involved was a pit bull. Kayla Posted at Another interesting point is that many of the dogs who have threatened people were not at home, but roaming around freely.

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Unfortunately, we dog lovers will have to ride this wave of fear out as well. Many types of dogs, especially those used in hunting and other sport dogs, display animal aggression. They should be banned.

Common Sense Posted at The definition for that term is largely subjective and varies wildly depending on who is providing the definition. When anyone or anything inflicts pain on should pitbulls be banned essay, they have been bread to react aggressively toward the inflictor instead of shying away.

I recently got approached by 4 pit bulls all because of my dog.

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Parents of the many children killed by pit bulls say that the should pitbulls be banned essay should be banned. Delise also said that she found that in the many cases, those filing the reports, including animal control officers, police officers and others, were not sure the breed of the dog that had attacked.

You have to at least give them a chance Teeya you cant have a bias against them because of all the stereotypes of them or the false media interpretation of them. Why do I need to recheck my facts when I just gave him a website. And also Teeya i recommend that you vounteer at a dog shelter that has pitbulls and work with them and then you can have a hands on experience on how sweet they are they really are great should pitbulls be banned essay its just the owners Teeya.

The Effects of Parenting Styles on Child With that in mind, why then are some localities banning pit bulls?