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How to enable user registration and password encryption · How WaveMaker provides support for password encryption · How to Handle Error Situations in. 26 Oct WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and deploy web and mobile applications. This document is intended to be a walkthrough of the. 8 Jul A Prefab can be built which shows all comments made on the document, retrieving them from an API. Prefab can be associated with the context.

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Project Listing will list all the apps, Prefabs, and wavemaker documentation bundles, depending upon the tab you select. Our approach to API is balanced — While the API design consulting helps you in documenation which enterprise assets need to be exposed and for what audience, the platform helps automate API endpoint creation and API adoption wavemaker documentation like availability, documentation, scalability and access.

API Designer

Version number can take any format as per your company standards. WaveMaker is a RAD platform to develop and wavemaker documentation web and mobile applications.

This Prefab can be made to tightly integrate with specific APIs as shown below. Project Settings You can view and change project wavemakrr and settings from the Project Settings wavemaker documentation.

Additionally, configure APIs wavemaker documentation a visual environment. Asset Management App fulfils the need of the corporates in procuring and assigning the assets for the employees based on their requirement. App Member Details wavemaker documentation the number of Members working on the docymentation with an option to open the Member details dialog on click.

Once you create a project, wavemaker documentation Main Wavemaker documentation is created by default. Deleting an Artefact will remove the files from all the projects across your account. Deleting this folder will delete the Prefab from the project. Prefab is a reusable, API-integrated component that can be used across apps.

Web Service APIs – WaveMaker

There are various affordable purchase options — monthly or annual. Package prefix defines the default documenation for the generated code across all services. To start on the trial version of WaveMaker Online, visit www. By using wavemaker documentation website you agree to the use documentatikn cookies as described in our Privacy Policy.

Overview Binding Connecting variables wavemaker documentation widgets Binding of the Variables to Widgets helps in capturing the data from the user or fetching data from the backend services. Get Started with WaveMaker. Overview Variable Types Classification of Variables based on the source and purpose. To incorporate any changes made to an already imported prefab, it needs to be re-imported wavemaker documentation an updated version of the project.

This space is the designer pallet for your app. It can be set at wavemaker documentation time of project creation by selecting wavsmaker image from the documentayion down list. A layout is HTML Markup defining placeholders for page components such as header, footer, top navigation, left and right panels, and main area.

Database API for accessing the queries and procedures and additional Wavemaker documentation functionality.

wavemaker documentation The bulk of software that wavemaker documentation use today is hard wired for predictability and control – they need to loosen up because the markets have become unpredictable, and APIs can give you a jumpstart.

You can wavemaker documentation the list of available Prefabs from the Studio Artefacts page. Project Shell is an app with functionality that is common to multiple apps across wavemaker documentation enterprise.

Type indicates whether it is an application — web or mobile; or a prefab. Depending upon the complexity of the Prefab, you may need to integrate the Prefab into your page using code. Events can be either user-initiated, notification response or as a result of another task being performed. We use cookies to provide you with a docuumentation experience.

Custom Widgets — Prefabs 9. Ideally, new pages should be created for separate business rules. Creating Platform-specific installer 3. Wave,aker dialog allows you to: Building Hybrid Mobile Apps 1. Modern Web Apps ii. Mobile UI Design wavemaker documentation. Eocumentation App Development 1. Product Terminology Before starting with product walkthrough, let us get familiarized with some of the terms commonly used in Studio documentatiion.

This wavemaker documentation be overridden at the widget-level by setting the appropriate widget property Project Shell used in building the app, non-editable Created date is the project creation wavemaker documentation, non-editable. See the owners and contributors; the owner of the project can add or remove members and change the role. A docukentation bundle is a collection of templates. Prefabs — Custom Widgets 4. Wavemaker documentation each Prefab imported a separate folder is created, with the same name as that of the Prefab.

Loosen up or lose out

Manage Deployed Apps open the Cloud Portal for managing release pipeline for deployed apps. We use cookies to provide you with a better experience. Binding of the Variables wavemaker documentation Widgets helps in capturing the data from the user or fetching data from the backend services.

Data Integration — Variables 6. Reference Actions Implement the business logic, rules and data flow Actions assist in invoking a backend API, Database operation or navigation to another page wavemaker documentation a UI event occurs.

Device Variable to access device features in case of mobile applications. Empower citizen wavemaker documentation inside your enterprise. Focus on empowering not on control. API Proxy supports fault tolerance and automatic fail-over to multiple backup nodes.

Mobile UI Design 2.